Making an asbestos claim in Melbourne: where to begin


Getting started on your asbestos claim Making an asbestos claim can really seem like an overwhelming process. At Gordon Legal, with Victoria’s most experienced asbestos team, we can make it easier for you. We have the experience, compassion and determination ... Read more

Mesothelioma: The Facts


Australia has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma in the world. But while most of us now know that asbestos exposure can lead to serious and life-threatening health problems, not everyone can name the disease most commonly suffered by people who ... Read more

Silicosis is the latest dust disease causing concern for Australia’s workers


Silicosis is the latest dust disease causing concern for Australia’s workers According to the Cancer Council, in 2011 around 587,000 Australian workers were exposed to silica dust while at work. Over 5,000 of these workers are estimated to be at risk ... Read more

General Protections


REASONS YOUR EMPLOYER CANNOT DISMISS YOU Let us ask you some questions? Are you facing dismissal from employment? A reduction in entitlements? Even the imposition of a warning? Do you know or suspect the reason as to why your employer is taking these ... Read more

Restraint of Trade? Beware the fine print


When most people are negotiating the terms and conditions of a new job, the main priorities are usually the pay, the location, the people and the opportunities for progression. And yes, for some whether there are bean bags and zen zones. Very few people ... Read more

I’ve been injured during a medical procedure, can you help?


Injuries sustained during a medical procedure may fall under the category of ‘medical negligence’. The team at Gordon Legal have decades of experience representing the interests, and fighting for the entitlements, of countless individuals across a range ... Read more

Injured in a public place?


Have you been injured in a public place? Gordon Legal are the team of legal experts specialising in compensation law and helping individuals to claim what they need to rest and recover from an injury they have sustained in a public place. Our decades ... Read more

Slips and falls explained


We are a team of legal experts who have operated successfully within the personal injury field of law for decades. Gordon Legal are here to help you understand your rights and entitlements with regards to compensation claims for personal injuries. Here ... Read more

What happens if you get injured but signed a waiver?


Our team at Gordon Legal has represented thousands of individuals in their claim for costs associated with personal injuries. Often, when a liability waiver has been signed, this can create a lot of legal confusion. Here we have assembled some basic information ... Read more

Asbestos in Victoria – the second wave and danger of DIY renovations


Managing a legal claim for asbestos related illness is a very specialised legal area. Our team of legal professionals at Gordon Legal can assist you in your claim for compensation for asbestos related illness, offering not only expert advice but also ... Read more

TAC claims in Victoria explained – what is the process and what should people do?


The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is the government body established to assist in the management of claims for injuries sustained as a result of a motor car, motorcycle, bus, train, tram or pedestrian accident. The TAC exists to help you recover ... Read more

Common injuries – what are the most common Workers’ Compensation injuries and some explanation around different types of back injuries


To assist you in understanding how your Workers’ Compensation rights and entitlements work, our team at Gordon Legal have compiled some information about common injuries experienced by Australian workers seeking worker’s compensation. What are the most ... Read more

WorkCover myths exposed


We’re here to help. With decades of experience in workers’ compensation law, our team of expert legal professionals have helped thousands of individuals to lodge and dispute their WorkCover claims. Here we have compiled some information which may help ... Read more

Impairment threshold explained


When any individual makes a claim for Workers’ Compensation they are more than likely going to hear or read the words ‘impairment threshold’. As a dedicated team of legal professionals with decades of experience working within Australian Workers’ Compensation ... Read more

What happens if your work place injury happens while you are working at home?


The Australian work place is a constantly evolving space and, with the advent of more and more convenient technologies, many businesses and Australian workers are opting for the convenience of ‘work from home’ options. ‘Working from home’ can create some ... Read more

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