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At Gordon Legal, it’s personal.  It’s personal because we understand with almost 200 collective years of legal experience that when you have a legal claim and live in Bacchus Marsh or surrounding areas you need and expect quality legal advice.

Bacchus Marsh is located equally distant from Geelong and Ballarat.  People who have a legal claim in Bacchus Marsh and need legal representation will usually choose a law firm from one of these two cities.

Gordon Legal assist people who live in Bacchus Marsh or the surrounding towns with personal injury matters such as work injury claims, transport accident claims, Asbestos related injuries, silicosis claims, medical negligence claims, institutional abuse matters and injuries that occur in public or private spaces.  As a full service law firm we can also assist with your wills and probate matter, your family law or criminal law matter or a commercial dispute.

What is the procedure to hire a lawyer?

If you have a legal claim you want a lawyer on your side who will stand up for your rights and entitlements.  You need a lawyer who can speak plainly and talk with you, not at you. 

The first step in hiring a lawyer is to ensure you are hiring the best lawyers for your type of claim.

You need to check whether the law firm that you choose and the lawyer at that law firm that you choose has the best experience to look after your case from start to finish. 

For example, personal injury claims can be very complex.  There are strict time lines involved in personal injury law matters and it is essential that the law firm you choose are experts in your type of injury.

It is important to know that each type of  injury claim and the rights and entitlements that flow from that type of claim have a completely separate legal scheme to other types of injury claims.  For example, work injury claims are managed by the Victorian WorkCover Authority through its authorised insurers.  To best protect your rights and entitlements you need a lawyer who is an expert at WorkCover claims.

Once you have established that your lawyer is an expert at that area of law look for a law firm that understands your needs.  You need a law firm that works very hard to understand you and your claim.  The way you are communicated with is important.  The regularity of communication may be very important to you.  At Gordon Legal we believe in speaking plainly and communicating clearly so you can understand what is going on with your claim, what stage it is at and when it will conclude.

Living in Bacchus Marsh or the surrounding areas it is also important to know that your claim, if it needs to go to Court is likely to be heard on court circuit in either Geelong or Ballarat.  It is important that you find a lawyer and a law firm who are experts at assisting you and your claim through the court circuit system.  Gordon Legal’s Geelong office are experts at assisting people with claims through court circuit.

Should I hire a lawyer?

It is essential that you understand your rights and entitlements in relation to any legal claim so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

In personal injury matters. if you have a work injury or a transport injury and the insurer or the TAC have denied your claim or terminated your entitlements or has taken way too long to respond to a request for surgery or other medical treatment, you need advice.

Alternatively the insurer or the TAC may have accepted your claim and have paid your weekly payments and have paid your medical expenses but you have a permanent injury or permanent impacts from the injury such as limitation of movement or ongoing pain or psychological symptoms.  If these are your circumstances then you should get advice as to your rights to access lump sum payments.

If your injury has occurred as a result of asbestos or silica exposure, it is important that you seek urgent and comprehensive advice as a matter or urgency.

Injuries such as those that occur in public or private spaces or through medical negligence, if permanent, should obtain advice quickly as for that category of injury claim you will be faced with shorter periods of time that you can bring the claim or you will be out of time to do so.

Accordingly, if you have suffered an injury and are likely to have permanent consequences from the injury or the insurer has said no or not responded, you should seek advice.

What type of legal services do lawyers provide?

Gordon legal assist people who live in Bacchus Marsh and the surrounding areas with their claims.

Depending on what type or case or claim you have will depend on the services offered and provided.

In all legal claims we will provide the following services:

  • We will listen to you and provide preliminary advice to you in relation to your claim;
  • As experts in our different areas of law we will provide you with an understanding of what options you have to pursue your rights and entitlements
  • We will assist you ( where applicable) to informally resolve your claim;
  • We will assist you to lodge and pursue legal proceedings
  • We will prepare your matter for hearing with skill and diligence
  • We will work hard to achieve the best result in the shortest amount of time.
  • We will explain each stage of the process so you can make informed decisions about your claim.

Gordon Legal will assist people from Bacchus Marsh or surrounding areas with their  personal injury claim, their family law dispute, their criminal law matter or their wills and probate dispute. 

Gordon Legal is a full service law firm who can assist you with expert legal advice if you live in Bacchus Marsh or the surrounding areas.


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