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We are a team of highly experienced compensation lawyers in Sydney who offer our clients our services on a No Win, No Fee basis. Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, our offices opened in late 2017 and since then we have helped hundreds of individuals living in Sydney and the greater surrounding areas by providing expert legal services and personal, committed representation of their interests and entitlements. We specialise in offering honest, straight-forward advice and in helping our clients to understand all of their rights and entitlements. We fight for and win the compensation that our clients rightly deserve.

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It's Personal

When you engage our compensation lawyers in Sydney for legal advice or for representation, you’re not just another case file. We understand the emotional and physical toll a claim for personal injury, accident compensation, medical negligence and workers compensation can take on an individual so each case we accept is personal for us too. Our team will lead you through every step of your claim for compensation with kindness and empathy, ensuring that you understand exactly what rights and entitlements you are eligible for. This is often the biggest obstacle faced by individuals who have experienced a personal injury or serious distress as a result of an accident or another’s negligence. Knowledge of your rights and entitlements under Australian law is empowering and the more empowered you feel over your personal circumstances, the quicker and more complete your recovery will be. Our commitment to you is that will fight for everything that you deserve with personal conviction and with integrity.

Specialising in personal injury and industrial law, our principal compensation lawyers in Sydney are Sheri Carolan and Aron Neilson.  Sheri brings to our team particular expertise in personal injury law as a result of medical negligence, as well as strong experience across civil liability and workers compensation claims. She has acted in complex claims for seriously injured people and so brings more experience and understanding to each new claim she acts in.

Aron Neilson is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist. His primary experience has been in advising industrial clients across a broad range of commercial, political and not-for-profit sectors including IT, finance, manufacturing and health. As a trusted advisor to trade unions and professional organisations, Aron offers practical and strategic legal expertise and a powerful understanding of industrial relations and law employment.

Our principal lawyers are supported by a team of specialists which include car accidents solicitors, barristers, and forensic professionals who are able to provide detailed advice and skilled understanding with regards to medical claims, financial claims and industrial action. Your claim is carefully examined from every angle to ensure that we can best represent you and fight for the best possible outcome for your claim. Our pool of skilled professionals offer a detailed understanding across a range of fields which include specialist engineering, medical procedures and prescriptions, and forensic accounting. We utilise the talents of a whole range of individuals to ensure we capture a clear and thorough understanding of your individual case, no matter how complicated or simple it might first appear to be.

You are not alone, and you do deserve help and compassion

If you have experienced a personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, car accident, industrial or medical negligence, the wrong doing of an another or have experienced unfair treatment in the workplace, Gordon Legal can help. Whatever stage of the process you are currently at, we advise seeking legal advice as soon as possible. Often claims for compensation can have tight deadlines which must be adhered to or you risk no longer being eligible for compensation. If you are recovering from a serious injury or are experiencing personal distress as a result of your circumstances, it is entirely understandable that you would find the prospect of undertaking legal action exhausting and intimidating. But that’s exactly why we’re here.

We offer our services to clients on a a No Win, No Fee basis to help alleviate some of the initial financial concerns that they might have about seeking legal advice. If you have never experienced a legal process before, it is only natural that you’d feel worried about how much your representation or advice will cost you, both in terms of the financial outlay and your time and emotional energy. At times like this, we all look to familiar places for help and advice, but family members, close friends and colleagues may not be best placed to provide the kind of advice you really need. It is always recommended that you explain your situation to a legal professional for the most complete understanding of your circumstances, so you can decide how you should move forward from there.

As specialist compensation lawyers in Sydney, we understand where you’re at right now. Your initial case assessment is an obligation-free, frank and open conversation, and it does not cost you anything. You can call our Sydney offices on 1300 57 25 18 and just talk to us about your case first. You will receive our honest legal opinion regarding the position you are currently in and about the viability of a legal claim should you choose to make one. From there, the choice is yours to make. Should you choose to request our help and progress your claim, know that we will help you to the very best of our ability.