What is Court circuit?

What is Court circuit?

In many regional cities in Victoria there is no permanent court to hear and determine personal injury claims.

The various courts come to town a certain number of times a year. 

The Victorian Courts mirror our commitment at Gordon Legal to our clients.  We believe that clients from Geelong and surrounds should never have to travel to Melbourne to access the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Victoria.  The Courts believe that injured people should not have to travel to Melbourne to have their cases heard in Melbourne when they can have their cases heard in Geelong.

If you have been injured and you matter has required legal proceedings to be issued and your lawyer has issued those proceedings out of Melbourne rather than Geelong you should ask them why?

The Victorian courts like Gordon Legal believe that the law should serve people and that people should be able to access justice where they live.

What Courts come to Geelong and how often?

The Magistrates Court will come to Geelong six or seven weeks a year on average to hear WorkCover disputes such as;

  • Rejected claims;
  • Denial or termination of weekly payments;
  • Denial or termination of medical and like expenses.

The County Court comes to Geelong, on average five times a year.  Each time the County Court comes to Geelong it will stay for four to five weeks each time.

The County Court is charged with the responsibility of hearing most substantive claims in personal injury cases for damages for pain and suffering, loss of amenities, loss of enjoyment as well as economic loss (loss of wages or loss of earning capacity claims).  The County Court will also be the court in most instances which will decide if an injured person has satisfied the threshold of “serious injury” in WorkCover and Transport Accident claims.

The County Court will hear all applications for serious injury in WorkCover and Transport Accident Claims as well as claims for damages in Public Liability, Asbestos and Medical Negligence cases.

The Supreme Court is charged with the responsibility to hear and determine the most serious claims for damages or those claims who have very complicated issues of fact or law.  The Supreme Court attends Geelong on average, twice each year.  Each time the Supreme Court comes to Geelong it will stay for four to five weeks each stay.

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