TAC compensation payments bringing justice to Frank

TAC compensation payments bringing justice to Frank

Applying for compensation through the TAC can be complex. Some TAC claims can seem straightforward, but when there is a serious injury involved, it is incredibly valuable to have an expert personal injury lawyer on your side.

Frank was riding his beloved motorbike to the shops one Sunday morning when he was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident at an intersection. A car travelling on the other side of the road t-boned Frank as he went to turn right. He was hit at high impact and an ambulance rushed him to hospital.

Frank’s injuries were horrific: he injured both his ribs, his left shoulder, scarring and bruising, psychological repercussions, and most dreadfully, severe leg injuries which resulted in his left leg being amputated.

After spending weeks in hospital recovering, he was he discharged and spent time in a rehabilitation facility. While coming to terms with the repercussion that his accident had on his body and his mental health, Frank was also facing concerns about his ongoing welfare. Frank had been living in a caravan prior to the accident. But now with this disability, living in his beloved caravan was simply not feasible.

Where Frank turned next

Frank had applied for TAC compensation while in hospital and was soon receiving weekly benefits, however he didn’t know what to do about his living situation, nor did he know long he could continue receiving the benefits or what financial security he had into the future.

Frank’s friends banded together and encouraged him to seek legal advice, so that he could get some assistance from somebody with real knowledge of the TAC system and permanent serious injuries incurred on the roads. Frank contacted Gordon Legal for assistance.

A Gordon Legal lawyer met with Frank, explaining to him that due to the seriousness of his injuries, he would likely be eligible for a lump-sum impairment benefit which would take into account his circumstances into the future.

Under Australian law, to qualify for an Impairment Benefits Claim for a physical injury, you must be assessed as having suffered a whole person impairment of 10% or more. The impairment assessment process is conducted by a medical specialist. It is very important to ensure that the assessment is conducted fairly.

Gordon Legal offered to act for Frank on a No Win, No Fee basis. This meant that only in the event that he was successful in claiming his Impairment Benefit would he have to pay an agreed amount to Gordon Legal. Frank was relieved to have someone taking action on his behalf, so he could focus on his recovery.

In acting for Frank, his lawyer looked after all of the communication with the TAC and its insurer, organised all of the necessary medical examinations, and fought for the best possible outcome for Frank.

Getting Frank home

However, the issue of where Frank would live still remained. While modifying the caravan was possible, it would cost more than the caravan was worth, and the caravan park that he was living in ruled this option out. Renting a house in the area would cost up to $400 a week, which was three times what he was currently paying, so this was also not an option for Frank.

Frank’s lawyer worked with the TAC insurer to come to an agreement that the insurer would organise a wheelchair-compliant cabin to be built for Frank at the same caravan park he had been living in. Frank was thrilled with this outcome – he was able to stay at the park, with his supportive community, and could be confident in a stable and secure living situation for his future.

Don’t wait: get assistance for your TAC claim

We understand that being involved in a road accident like Frank’s is extremely traumatic. If you have sustained an injury, an accepted TAC claim will mean you are entitled to claim important compensation for your injury. 

If you have suffered injury from a road accident, you are entitled to make a motor vehicle accident claim with the TAC. We recommend you seek independent legal advice about your rights and entitlements.

At Gordon Legal, our TAC lawyers can help you navigate your rights and any compensation you are entitled to claim. As with any complicated process, TAC claims can seem overwhelming. When you are already managing the stress and discomfort of an injury, you do not need additional financial and bureaucratic stresses potentially impeding your rest and recovery. Always seek clear and helpful legal advice if you believe that you need it. 

Our TAC lawyers understand the human toll road accidents have, not only on those involved but the ripple effects on their families and the wider community. For us every case is personal and you come first. Read our FAQs about TAC claims in Victoria, or contact Gordon Legal today to speak with one of our friendly and experienced road accident lawyers on 1800 21 22 23.

*In order to preserve the privacy of our clients we have changed the names of persons involved.


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