No Win No Fee: Benjamin’s story

No Win No Fee explained: Benjamin’s story* Benjamin was involved in a serious car accident while driving back to Melbourne from Adelaide, where his employer had sent him to undertake some work for a client. Benjamin had lost control of the vehicle and ... Read more

No Win No Fee: Sarah’s Story

No Win No Fee explained: Sarah’s story In 2018, Sarah was injured while at work on a building site. Her manager accidentally failed to see her and reversed over her foot with an excavator. Sarah suffered serious fractures to her foot, and underwent surgery ... Read more

Unfair Dismissal

The employment lawyers at Gordon Legal in Sydney and Melbourne are some of the most experienced practitioners in Australia with the unique advantage of a focus and passion for advising employees about their rights and entitlements. One question our employment ... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions with regard to compensation claims


Is compensation or damages payments taxable? Understanding your rights and entitlements related to compensation, or payments made to cover damages experienced by you, can be a complicated and exhausting learning curve. Gordon Legal are here to help you ... Read more

How long do I have to file a claim?


To help you better understand your rights and entitlements with regards to filing a claim, our team at Gordon Legal have compiled some basic information relating to claims for compensation made under Australian law. Understanding what your rights and ... Read more

Unfair Dismissal


The Fair Work Act protects certain employees from unfair dismissal. Contrary to urban myth, the protection against unfair dismissal does not apply to all employees in Australia covered by the Fair Work Act. It is important that you check whether you qualify ... Read more

Why do I need a lawyer?


Lawyers specialise in understanding the law. In the same way that any professional specialises in their chosen field, lawyers specialise in understanding the intricacies and complexities of all types of law governing how our society operates. It’s entirely ... Read more

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