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Public Liability Claims

Gordon Legal has experienced Public Liability Lawyers in Melbourne and Geelong.

Slips, trips, falls and other accidents can happen at any time, and when they do, they can lead to serious injuries, costly trips to the doctor and other major inconveniences to your life.

If you’ve been injured in a public place, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Everyone should be able to expect safety when they’re in a public place. Public liability claims can also involve privately owned properties and places.

Our expert personal injury lawyers are specialists in this field. We have extensive experience in winning compensation for people who have been injured in public liability cases, and can offer our services on a No-Win No-Fee basis, so you don’t have to worry about making payments unless your case is successful.

For us every case is personal

Our Public Liability claims lawyers have decades of experience in handling difficult cases and understand the unique ins and outs of Public Liability claims.

We understand that these incidents can cause considerable stress and inconvenience, which is why we strive to ease your burden by making the legal process as simple as possible for you.

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Peter Gordon

Gordon Legal
I say to my clients that three things are important. One is to get the best possible result financially, second is to get it in the shortest possible time, and third is that through your relationship with our firm you feel as comfortable as you can.

What type of compensation am I entitled to?

Our public liability lawyers are experts in this field, and can help you navigate the various types of compensation you may be entitled to in your claim. You may be entitled to claim for:

  • Medical and related expenses
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Economic loss damages (eg. Loss of wage and loss of opportunity to earn income)
  • Nursing care and care provided by loved ones to you in your recovery.

What to do if you think you have a claim:

  1. Report the injury to the business, council or venue as soon as you are able to. If possible, report the injury in writing and keep a copy of the letter or email and any responses you might have received. If the business fills in an incident report form, obtain a copy of this too if possible.
  2. It’s important to write down the address of where your accident or injury occurred. Write down any other relevant details such as the name of the owner, business or council. Take photographs of the area, print a copy of any photographs taken and if applicable jot down an ‘X’ at the exact location of a fall.
  3. ​Record all other details of the incident such as the time of day, the weather and any witnesses’ details that you have obtained.
  4. Report the injury to a doctor as soon as you can, and be sure to give them the full story behind the incident.
  5. ​Keep records of all correspondence (including emails, texts or postal mail) with anyone involved with the incident.
  6. ​Keep all your medical records, note any time you have had off work and keep any receipts for out-of-pocket expenses incurred relating to your injury.

No Win No Fee for Public Liability Claims

Recovering from an unexpected accident or injury is stressful enough without adding the burden of legal fees. That’s why we can help you get compensation in a public liability claim on a No-Win No-Fee basis. Put simply, unless your case is successful you won’t have to worry about payment.

What sort of claims are covered?

Some of the most common types of public liability claims that we see include slips, trips and falls in either commercial, retail or public places. Sports injuries, injuries on the water, playground accidents and assaults can also be covered by this area of the law.

Any injury which is sustained as a result of a business, local council or venue’s negligence will be considered a public liability claim. Most organisations these days are required by law to hold public liability insurance over their space or property.

Our public liability lawyers can help you understand this process further at any stage of your claim. We have a reputation in fighting for justice for everyday people.

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