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Our Geelong lawyers opened our Geelong office in early 2018 and are located on Moorabool Street, next door to Kerleys Auctions and between Ryrie and Little Ryrie Street. We are proud to support the local community. We offer our clients experienced and skilled legal advice across a range of areas of the law. Our principal lawyer, Rachel Schutze, is an active local resident who understands how her community operates and how she can best serve everyone at every level across the full range of legal services we provide

Rachel is a local Victorian who has been practicing law for over 15 years and achieved her Law degree (LLB) from Monash University and her Masters of Law from the Melbourne University (LLM). She is raising three children in the City of Geelong and writes regularly for the local paper. The concerns and issues for the local Geelong community are hers as well, and as a legal professional, she takes pride in being able to offer local expert assistance and warm, compassionate help with some of life’s more trying circumstances. Rachel is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping you resolve your legal issues as thoroughly as possible, in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes we all need a bit of extra help, but it’s ensuring that we get the right help that really matters. Gordon Legal has a strong reputation across all fields of law for fighting on behalf of local residents and their wider communities. We want to ensure that you get the right kind of help, first go, so if you need legal help – call us now.

Geelong is my home and I have a strong commitment to assisting the people of this community who are injured at work, on the road or in other circumstances. I have built a strong reputation in Geelong for assisting injured people and I want to continue that work with Gordon Legal.

Rachel Schutze

Rachel Schutze
Gordon Legal

Need a Lawyer in Geelong?

Our Geelong lawyers have decades of experience across all areas of the law. Whatever your legal needs are, we approach every case with understanding and compassion.

If you are injured, have suffered an unexpected life evet such as divorce, a disputed estate or the wrong doing of another person, or if you find yourself having been defamed, or in a commercial dispute, we can help.

When you’re faced with tough circumstances, let us lighten your load by taking care of the legal side of things.

Gordon Legal Takes Every Case Personally

The law can feel like an impersonal and complex machine when your life is suddenly and unexpectedly affected by it. It is completely natural to feel worried about how to proceed with a legal matter, and to feel concerned about or overwhelmed by the possible outcomes if you’re unfamiliar with your personal rights and entitlements. That’s why our Geelong lawyers are here to help.

We will help you to navigate the intricacies of specialist areas including asbestos law, accident law, WorkCover, motor vehicle or car accident law and the law that applies to accidents in public places. We can also provide you with highly experienced and skilled personal injury lawyers.

The Gordon Legal team of Geelong lawyers are also specialists in personal injury claims. If you have experienced an injury or emotional distress as the result of a motor vehicle accident, a workplace accident, or the negligence of another person or organisation, then you should always seek legal advice. Understanding your rights and entitlements can open up opportunities to claim for the compensation you that you deserve to help you in supporting your recovery and reclaiming your life.

Life events like divorce, the death of a loved one and the legal complexities of handling their estate, as well as dispute resolution, whether personal or professional, can all take a serious toll and disrupt your life in not just big ways, but in smaller ones that you’re not always immediately aware of. When you are unsure of how to proceed legally, you can inadvertently make mistakes or miss opportunities to more quickly resolve your circumstances and achieve the best outcomes.

Our Geelong lawyers start work immediately toward achieving a thorough understanding of your individual circumstances and the fastest, most efficient method of winning the best possible outcome. We’re here to help you understand all of your rights and entitlements and to represent your best interests.

People often find themselves in need of legal advice when they are involved in an accident or accident which causes them personal injury. Many will seek first the help and support of their closest friends and family members and that support will usually be well-intentioned and kind-hearted but is not always a thorough understanding of the situation and all possible outcomes. Our Geelong lawyers can help you to understand a more complete picture of your circumstances and how you deserve to be treated under the law.

Our Geelong lawyers are here to ensure that you receive what is fair. If you are in need of legal help, contact our friendly and helpful team on 03 5202 2729. We offer honest, straight-forward advice at no obligation to you and we always put our clients first.

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