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Experience, dedication and discretion

We understand that being investigated or charged with a criminal offence is highly stressful and that a conviction can be life-changing. Competent and timely legal advice is vital when faced with criminal investigation or charges. You can feel confident with us that you are in the most capable hands, and that our team will handle your case with dedication and discretion.

Our People

Kirstie Grigor has practiced in the criminal jurisdiction for more than 19 years. She is highly experienced in all areas of criminal law and in providing advice and representation to people who have been charged with offences or who are being investigated in relation to a range of allegations. She ensures the rights of her clients are protected and that her clients are well informed and expertly represented throughout the court process.

Why did you choose to work at Gordon Legal?

Peter Gordon has hand-picked an amazing team of professionals who are all committed to providing the highest quality representation to workers. It’s inspiring to work with such a team. I am proud to be surrounded by such a dedicated team of lawyers and support staff, all heading in the same direction and committed to the same values.

What is your definition of success for a client?

I feel I have achieved a good result for my client if they achieve a just outcome. If my client can navigate the criminal justice system and understand and accept the process and the reasons behind their outcome, that represents success for a criminal lawyer.

Why are Unions important to you?

Unions are vital to provide a voice for the workers, the same way I provide a voice for my clients. Without a union voice, monitoring and setting standards and practices, the workers would be at the mercy of business. I see my role as a criminal lawyer being aligned with the role of the union. My clients come to me from a position of disadvantage. They are up against the power of the state. Part of my job is to correct this disadvantage through quality representation and clear communication.


Professional qualifications and admissions
• 2000 Admitted, Supreme Court of Victoria
• 1999 Bachelor of Laws, La Trobe University 
• 1994 Bachelor of Arts, La Trobe University 

Memberships and associations
• Law Institute of Victoria
• Criminal Law Section, Law Institute of Victoria
• Amnesty International

Lawyers should not be viewed as special or unapproachable professionals. I work in a service industry. People come to me for help when they are experiencing a legal crisis and usually they have no idea where to start or what to say or do. The legal system can be confusing. I try to make myself approachable and accessible. It’s important to me that my client feels at ease and in safe hands.

Kirstie Grigor

Kirstie Grigor
Gordon Legal

How we can help:

At Gordon Legal we focus on working with you and using our knowledge of the criminal justice system to provide the best possible outcome for your case. We represent clients in all types of criminal and quasi-criminal matters ranging from driving offences and Intervention Orders to sex offences, regulatory investigations and serious indictable matters.

We are committed to providing timely, confidential advice and maintaining clear and open communication. We are able to provide same day legal advice and urgent representation.

What we can help with:

  • Arrests and police interviews
  • Sex offences
  • Assaults and serious injury charges
  • Driving and traffic offences
  • Drug charges
  • Theft, fraud and dishonesty offences
  • Firearms and weapons charges
  • Commonwealth matters
  • Family violence and Intervention Orders
  • Appeals
  • Coronial inquests
  • IBAC investigations and examinations
  • Worksafe/OHS/TAC investigations


For us, every case is personal

When dealing with a criminal matter, we understand you need a lawyer with experience, dedication and discretion. We understand these matters are highly sensitive and personal – that’s why we’re committed to putting our clients first.


I’ve been charged with a criminal offence. How can I avoid getting a criminal record?

You can only avoid getting a criminal record if the charges are withdrawn by the police, if you fight the charges and beat them, or if you get Diversion. You are more likely to achieve one of these outcomes if you engage a lawyer to deal with the police or prosecuting agency on your behalf.

The Police have asked me to come to the station for a chat. Do I need a lawyer?

It’s always a good idea to speak to a criminal lawyer before you speak to police. “A chat” usually means the police want to interview you in a formal setting and put allegations of criminal conduct to you. It’s important you understand your rights and obligations before you go to the police station. What you say to the police could make all the difference between being charged with criminal offences and getting a criminal record or walking out of the police station with nothing further to worry about.  Call Kirstie Grigor at Gordon Legal for free pre-interview advice.

I’ve been charged with a criminal offence but I didn’t do it. Can I defend myself in court?

You can defend yourself in court but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. You’re more likely to achieve a better outcome if you engage an experienced criminal lawyer. The law is complex and without knowledge of the law the prosecution might get away with presenting evidence or material which you could have had excluded.  You might overlook important aspects of your case which might have helped you to win. You might plead guilty to a more serious charge than the prosecution can prove. The Judge might not listen to you because you are not complying with the many rules of evidence and process. If you are serious about defending the charges you should engage an experienced criminal lawyer to give yourself the best possible chance of success.


Google review

“I am writing this review on behalf of my friend. He had the most incredible experience with Kirstie Grigor from Gordon Legal. She was most helpful, almost selfless in the way she helped him, through what was probably the most difficult experience of his life. She was prompt, responsive and super kind and always available for him. Its sufficient to say that he literally owes his life to her.”

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