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Business Interruption Insurance Webinar

Wednesday, 30 March at 5PM AEST

Gordon Legal and Berrill & Watson launched a class action against QBE and Lloyds of London. We believe the only way to force insurers to do the right thing by their customers and in the shortest time is through the strength in the collective power of a class action. We are investigating other potential actions, so even if your policy is with another insurer, we encourage you to attend. Contrary to what insurers have been saying, the test cases leave the way open for thousands of businesses to claim business interruption insurance.

This free, live event is your opportunity to learn more about your options without the obligation to commit to any particular course of action. You’ll be able to hear from the experts and make up your own mind.

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Are you entitled to claim on your business interruption insurance for losses caused by COVID-19?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Business Interruption insurance? 

Has your business suffered revenue losses from COVID-19 lockdowns?

Have you lodged a business interruption claim that has been rejected by your insurer?

Despite what your insurance company may have told you, you may be entitled to make a business interruption insurance claim.

Most policies have exclusion clauses for infectious diseases and in our view some Australian insurers have been wrongly rejecting claims from struggling businesses on the basis that their policies don’t cover pandemics.

How can we help you?

Gordon Legal, in collaboration with Berril & Watson, is currently assisting business owners to make claims on their business interruption insurance policies for COVID-19 related losses to profit and revenue.

We are offering free, no-obligation legal advice regarding your business interruption policy and the possibility of lodging a claim against your insurer. Simply register with Gordon Legal and a member of the Business Interruption team will be in touch shortly.

You can also provide your policy and product disclosure statement to [email protected] or upload the documents when you submit your registration.

Regrettably, many business owners have had their business interruption insurance claims rejected or have been told by their brokers and insurers that their policies do not cover pandemic related losses, when in fact many policies will provide cover for loss of profits and revenue. It is critical that business owners obtain independent legal advice as many may be entitled to the benefit of their insurance cover and simply not be aware of their entitlements.

Berrill & Watson is a leading plaintiff superannuation and insurance law firm. Gordon Legal is a plaintiff law firm with extensive experience in complex class action litigation and obtaining outstanding outcomes for their clients. Working in collaboration, Berrill & Watson and Gordon Legal offer a breadth of significant experience and knowledge to guide business owners through the insurance claims process.

Many businesses have tried to claim on these policies on the basis that this cover extended to loss of revenue or profits suffered as a result of outbreaks of COVID-19 within a certain distance of their premises, or closures ordered by the government which affected their premises.

If you own or operate a business which may have experienced a loss of revenue or profits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and believe that you may have held business interruption insurance cover during that time, please contact us for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your insurance policy. For more details register here, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Class Actions

We have already commenced class actions against two insurers, QBE and Lloyd's. For more information, click here

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What is a Class Action?

A Class or Group Action is a Court procedure which allows people with similar claims against another party to bring their action in one Court Proceeding rather than requiring them to go to the cost (and take the individual risk) of commencing their own claim.

In Australia, the law provides individual Group or Class members the opportunity to Opt Out of the Proceedings if they do not wish to participate or wish to bring their own individual claim.

The benefit of Class or Group Actions is that it means that claims that would otherwise not be economically viable for a person to bring on their own behalf are able to be gathered together so that the costs and risks can be shared among a larger group of people with similar claims.

What are the risks of participating in a Class Action?

The risks of participating in a Class Action are similar to the risks that any person bringing an individual claim would face, except that the risk of having to pay the other party’s legal costs if the claim is unsuccessful only falls on the Representative Plaintiff or Applicant.

It is important to understand that you do not face the individual risk of an adverse costs order unless you agree to become the Representative Plaintiff or Applicant. If that was the case then your lawyer will discuss those risks with you very carefully before you agreed to act as the Representative Plaintiff or Applicant.

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Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19

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