Can I claim for my Immunotherapy treatment?

An expert mesothelioma lawyer can make all the difference to achieving compensation in your asbestos claim. We understand the devastating medical and personal consequences of a mesothelioma, and can guide you through the claims process from start to finish with compassion and care.

According to some health experts, immunotherapy may be one of the most promising treatments available against mesothelioma, the aggressive lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

According to The Age there were 757 new cases of mesothelioma reported in 2016, and 651 people died from the disease. Sadly, these numbers are projected to grow as a result of both mesothelioma’s incredibly slow development (sometimes 20-30+ years) and as part of a “third wave” of diagnoses that are the product of unsafe DIY renovations.

There is currently no cure for mesothelioma. However, in some cases, immunotherapy treatments have been shown to increase the prognosis for mesothelioma sufferers.

What is immunotherapy and how does it work?

Immunotherapy is used to fight various cancers by promoting and strengthening the body’s naturally occurring defenses within the immune system. It is sometimes used in conjunction with chemotherapy, but unlike chemotherapy, immunotherapy should not inadvertently harm healthy cells.

On top of all this, immunotherapy may have less side effects than other cancer treatments.

How does this affect an asbestos claim?

After your diagnosis, your oncologist may recommend a course of immunotherapy for mesothelioma. In this instance, it is possible that the costs of these treatments can become part of your asbestos compensation claim.

Unfortunately, immunotherapy for mesothelioma can cost several thousands of dollars per treatment, and is not currently listed as part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

It’s hard enough dealing with the devastating personal consequences of a mesothelioma diagnosis without adding a further financial burden of these and other costly treatments.

Our experienced mesothelioma lawyers at Gordon Legal would argue that, if your oncologist prescribes immunotherapy treatment, this should be considered a reasonable medical expense and you should be compensated for it.

In some states, immunotherapy treatment costs are covered by workers’ compensation schemes. In other states, it comes down to the strength of your doctor’s opinion and the individual facts of your case.

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