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AMS Ivanhoe Lawyers Investigation

Gordon Legal is investigating potential legal claims arising for the conduct of AMS Ivanhoe Lawyers (AMS) and its late partner, John Adams. We are speaking to affected people to understand their experiences, including any losses suffered.

Update – AMS Investigation 18 December 2023

We have received instructions from a large number of people to investigate the conduct of AMS Ivanhoe Lawyers and John Adams.

As part of our investigations, we will consider and advise our clients on how to progress their claims.

Update – Information Session on 27 November 2023

On Monday, 27 November 2023, Gordon Legal held an information session for affected people at the Ivanhoe Culture Centre and Library.  At the meeting, we explained our initial thinking and discussed the next steps with those who were affected. Affected people also had an opportunity to meet our investigation team and ask questions. The information session was a sell-out and some people were not able to attend as a result.

frequently asked questions

 AMS Ivanhoe Lawyers Investigation

We are investigating alleged misconduct by John Adams in relation to money that people provided to him and his legal practice.

Some people provided large sums of money to John Adams and his practice.

Our primary goal is to investigate what sort of legal options are available to people who have lost their money.

The first stage in any investigation is to listen to the people who have been affected. This is why we are seeking registrations from affected people, so we can obtain more information on how they have been affected.

A class action, also known as a group proceeding, is a court procedure brought by one or more individuals known as representative applicants on their own behalf and on behalf of other people who have similar claims against the same party or parties (the respondent(s)). The individuals in the wider group are known as group members.

Class Actions are brought to resolve common issues of fact or law for the wider group. It is not necessary that group members have identical claims. In fact, it is to be expected that there will differences between the loss and damage suffered by each individual group member.

We are considering whether claims can be made in the form of a class action, but no firm decision has been made about this yet.

If you gave money to John Adams and you have concerns that it may not be able to be recovered, you are eligible to register.

You can register using the form below and answering the questions as best you can.