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Receiving correspondence from a solicitor or being served with court documents after a separation can be confronting and may also be stressful, especially if it was unexpected.

If you have received correspondence from a lawyer following a separation, you may be asked to make decisions about parenting arrangements for your children, or to provide certain financial documents and respond to a settlement proposal. It is important before responding to any letters or settlement proposals you have received advice about your legal rights and obligations.

It is particularly important if you have received an agreement you are asked to sign that you are aware of the short and long-term impacts any agreement will have on you and/or your children.

Each party is at liberty to seek legal advice before responding to a letter from the other’s lawyer, or entering into any settlement agreements.

If you have been served with court documents which require you to attend Court, it is strongly recommended you seek legal advice as soon as possible after you receive the documents and before the first court date. You should also make a note of the date you need to go to Court and ensure you attend.

To prepare for your appointment with your lawyer, ensure you have available copies of all letters and/or court documents you received from your ex-partner. When you meet with one of the family lawyers at Gordon Legal, the initial appointment will involve discussing your particular circumstances, your legal rights and obligations, and guidance on how to best respond and progress your matter towards a settlement. Your lawyer will also discuss the possible legal costs and options for you to manage the payment of the legal costs as your matter progresses.

Separation can be a difficult and emotional time. Our family lawyers at Gordon Legal can assist you to navigate a sensible and pragmatic settlement in a cost effective manner whether that is by negotiation or as part of a court proceeding.

If you would like specialised family law advice regarding your separation, please contact our team at Gordon Legal.

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