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Public liability insurance benefits include liability protection, where you’re protected against claims for damaging someone else’s property or for causing injury to someone else. It’s an essential safeguard that offers peace of mind to businesses, sole traders and individuals.

Understanding what public liability covers, including how to file a property damage claim, is useful for anyone, particularly if you work in industries like construction or if you’re a contractor. In these areas of work, property damage risks are higher. They often use heavy equipment and tools and can be liable for any mishaps.

When it comes to public liability coverage and property damage claims, let’s look at some common questions asked.

Does public liability cover damage to my own property?

Public liability insurance typically covers damage to third-party property only, not your own. It offers protection in case you accidentally damage someone else’s property.

For example, a contractor on a construction site operates a forklift and accidentally backs into a neighbouring fence causing the fence to fall and damage the neighbour’s shed. Public liability insurance covers damage to the neighbour’s property, but not the forklift.

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Are there property value limits for coverage?

Different policies and providers will have varying limits on how much they’ll cover on the property. These limits can affect how much you can claim for property damage. In Australia, the minimum amount of public liability insurance coverage is $5 million.

There is no set maximum limit that you can choose on your policy, but typically public liability insurance coverage will be offered at either a limit of $5m, $10m or $20m.

It’s a good idea to carefully read through your policy or chat with your insurance provider to get a clear picture of what limits apply to your cover.

What if property damage occurs due to my negligence?

Public liability insurance coverage applies if you or your employees accidentally damage someone else’s property. This means you’re only covered by public liability insurance if the damage happens because of your negligence and you are at fault. You must have been responsible for the damage happening.

At Gordon Legal, we have an expert team of public liability lawyers who can help you understand the process. We have a strong reputation for working with everyday people and helping fight for justice. Contact us or give us a call on 1300 56 50 16.

Do I need public liability coverage if I work from home?

With more people working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural to question if public liability coverage is necessary. Even if your business operates from your house, accidents can still happen. Public liability insurance can be a lifeline if, for example, a client accidentally trips on a cable and injures themselves during a meeting at your home.

If you have clients, customers or members of the public visiting your business at home, public liability coverage is certainly worth having to protect against potential liabilities.

It’s also important to note that while public liability coverage is not mandatory for all businesses in Australia, businesses in certain industries are legally required to have it to operate. You should check if this applies to your business.

How does the claims process for property damage work?

Navigating through the claims process for property damage under public liability insurance can seem daunting. However, it’s simpler than it appears.

If property damage happens, you need to tell your insurance company right away. They’ll help you through the claims process, which involves providing information and cooperating with their investigation. If your claim is approved, you’ll get compensation according to your policy.

Typically the claims process will follow these steps:

  • Report the incident to your insurance company or broker
  • They will ask you for any evidence such as photos, CCTV footage, witness accounts and other details relating to the event
  • They will lodge your claim with the information provided
  • The insurance company will investigate and examine the They may also send an assessor out to visit the site where the incident happened. This will help them determine who is at fault and how to handle your claim
  • Your insurer will then decide on the claim and present this to If you accept, they will contact the claimant to negotiate a settlement
  • The claimant can then decide whether or not they want to accept the settlement If they’re not happy with the offer, they may choose to take further legal action against you

Gordon Legal has experienced public liability lawyers in Melbourne and Geelong if you need legal advice on public liability. Our dedicated team of public liability claims lawyers have been handling tough cases for many years.

As experts in the complexities involved in these cases, we also know that dealing with these situations can be very overwhelming, causing a lot of stress and inconvenience. We’re here to help you navigate the legal process, making it as straightforward as we can for you.

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