Common injuries – what are the most common Workers’ Compensation injuries and some explanation around different types of back injuries

To assist you in understanding how your Workers’ Compensation rights and entitlements work, our team at Gordon Legal have compiled some information about common injuries experienced by Australian workers seeking worker’s compensation.

What are the most common workers’ compensation injury types?

The Australian National Data Set regularly collects and reports data on workers’ compensation claims and injuries from all states and territories. This information helps organisations like Safe Work Australia to accurately manage safety requirements and protocols which keep Australian workers safe at work. More information about the NDS and workers’ compensation data can be found at

For work related injury claims in 2014-15, the NDS has reported that 90% of serious claims received were musculoskeletal disorders. Of these claims 45% were described as traumatic joint/ligament and muscle/tendon injuries.

Musculoskeletal injuries – back injuries

These types of injuries usually occur due to body stress such as falls, slips, strains when lifting, repetitive movements and postures, and can often affect the back and neck. They can occur as a result of a single incident, or they may occur as a result of repetitive tasks or duties, accumulating weakness or injury in the affected area over a period of time.

A back injury requiring a claim for worker’s compensation does not need to have occurred in a single incident. Often repetitive strain injuries take time to develop into serious problems and it is not uncommon for a worker to refrain from lodging a claim for worker’s compensation under the mistaken belief that they will not be accepted because their injury was not sustained in a single, traumatic incident.

If you are unsure about whether your injury may be due to your work related tasks and duties then you should seek medical assistance in the first instance and talk to your doctor about your concerns that it may be related to your work.

If you are concerned about whether you might require help managing a claim for worker’s compensation for a back injury, then please feel free to contact our team of legal professionals on 1800 21 22 23 or log on to our website at for further information.

Common back injuries

Back injuries are often strains and stresses related to heavy weights and repetitive movements. Organisations like Safe Work Australia are constantly updating work practices, training and risk assessments to prevent injuries from occurring but, unfortunately, an injury can still occur regardless of the time and effort spent on preventing them.

Employers understand this and that’s why Workers’ Compensation Insurance exists. If you have sustained a back injury due to your working environment and duties then you are eligible to claim for workers’ compensation. This can include your treatment and rehabilitation costs, managing your return to work and duties which fit with your limited capacity, and it may even include lump sum payouts if you are not able to continue working.

Navigating your way through a worker’s compensation claim can be very stressful so allow yourself to seek professional help if you feel that you need to. Gordon Legal have decades of experience in workers’ compensation law and we would be happy to provide you with legal advice. Contact us on 1800 21 22 23 today and let us help you understand your rights and entitlements so you can get back on your feet sooner rather than later.

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