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Workers compensation in Australia is insurance that provides compensation and reimbursement for the cost of reasonable medical expenses to those who suffer an injury in the course of, or as a result of, their employment.

This type of compensation is available if you suffer an injury while physically at work and if you suffered an injury over time, as a result of the general nature of work your duties. This compensation is available regardless of whether your injury is physical or psychological.

While the compensation schemes vary across the different states and territories they are generally “no-fault schemes”. This means that it does not matter whether the injury occurred due to the fault of another person or was an accident. Most workers who suffer an injury at work will be covered by a workers compensation scheme.

What does a workers compensation lawyer do?

Gordon Legal has specialist workers compensation lawyers who represent people who have suffered an injury at work.

Our workers compensation lawyers provide injured workers with advice which is tailored to their specific circumstances. Their advice will address the different entitlements that workers can access under the workers compensation scheme, the process required to obtain those entitlements and how to ensure that those entitlements are maximised.

Our workers compensation lawyers will also take the necessary legal steps to facilitate access to those entitlements by injured workers. This can include filing court proceedings, conducting settlement negotiations, obtaining expert reports and gathering medical reports to support a claim.

A workers compensation lawyer at Gordon Legal will guide you, as an injured worker, through every step of your workers compensation claim.

How do you choose the right workers compensation lawyer?

Workers compensation lawyers are Gordon Legal are specialists in their field. They work exclusively in the area of personal injury law and are able to apply their expertise to any workers compensation claim regardless of the circumstances.

In addition to having extensive experience, the workers compensation lawyers at Gordon Legal will communicate with you in a way that you will understand and will provide you with all the information that you seek in order to ensure that you obtain access to all of the entitlements available under the workers compensation scheme.

How long does it take to settle a compensation claim?

There are a number of different entitlements that injured workers can access under the workers compensation scheme. These include:

  • An entitlement to be reimbursed for the medical expenses and lost income that you suffer as a result of your injury
  • An entitlement to be assessed for lump sum compensation if you have suffered permanent impairment as a result of your injury
  • An entitlement to pursue compensation for your pain and suffering

Injured workers are able to access an entitlements in relation to their medical expenses and loss of income soon after they have suffered their injury.

Workers are able to access lump sum compensation for their permanent impairment and pain and suffering once their injury has stabilised, that is, once the full effects of their injury is known. In particular, the effects that the injury is likely to have on an injured worker’s ability to perform their daily activities and their ability to work.

Every compensation claim is different and the time required to settle a compensation claim will depend on a worker’s injury.

Where can I find the best workers compensation lawyer near me?

The workers compensation lawyers at Gordon Legal have decades of experience looking after the interests of injured Victorians.

We are able to represent injured workers in relation to their workers compensation claim across any industry in any part of Victoria. We are able to meet you in person, speak to you on the telephone or through a video call.

We pride ourselves on our ability to support you and keep you informed throughout the workers compensation claim process.

By Jenny Forti, Principal Lawyer, Accredited Specialist Personal Injury Law

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