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Our asbestos lawyers know that when faced with the tragedy of an asbestos disease diagnosis, everything else comes second. As important as claiming compensation may be, you don’t want to be worrying about legal jargon at this incredibly difficult time. Unfortunately, strict time limits do apply to bringing a claim, so you need to act fast if you want to bring a claim.

At Gordon Legal, we have Victoria’s most experienced asbestos lawyers and know how to keep you informed, but also how to keep your involvement to a comfortable level that allows you to focus on what matters most to you. The following is a case example with one of our clients who suffered from an asbestos-related illness:

Asbestos Claim Case Example: Leo

Our client Leo worked as an electrician on large building sites around Melbourne.

From the time he was a young apprentice Leo was working around asbestos insulation, where he was required to cut and drill into asbestos cement sheeting to install power points.

Leo had retired at the age of 65 after running a successful electrical contracting business for many years.

After noticing some shortness of breath on his daily walk, and some mild chest pain, he took himself to his GP to get checked out. His GP ordered blood tests and an X-ray, which revealed that he had fluid on his left lung.

He was quickly sent to a surgeon, who performed a biopsy. Tragically, following the biopsy, Leo was diagnosed with mesothelioma, the form of incurable cancer caused by exposure to asbestos dust. Amidst the enormity of coming to terms with this diagnosis and his planned medical treatment, his doctor mentioned he should be able to seek compensation.

Understandably, at a time like this, litigation is the last thing anyone wants to go through. But, thinking of his family, Leo called Gordon Legal and spoke to one of our experienced asbestos lawyers, Victoria Keays. The next day, Victoria met Leo and his wife at home, and talked them through some of their options.

Victoria explained that he had a strong case and that Gordon Legal would act on his behalf on a No-Win, No-fee basis. Victoria explained the need to lodge proceedings quickly to protect Leo’s case. Although it sometimes felt like things were moving fast, Leo trusted Victoria and gave her permission to proceed with the case.

About 4 months after their initial meeting, Leo’s case was listed for a mediation at the Supreme Court of Victoria and resolved by negotiation. Leo didn’t have to attend court, he only needed to be available by phone when Victoria called. She then explained what was going on and proceeded with his permission to take steps on his behalf.

Leo’s case settled for $500,000 in compensation for his pain and suffering, medical expenses and care and assistance. The resolution of this claim couldn’t bring Leo’s health back, but it did provide him and his family some financial certainty at a very stressful time.

*For privacy and confidentiality reasons, we have not used anyone’s real name in this case example

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