Gordon Legal. It's personal.

In Victoria, our doors are now open for business. For enquiries relating to:

  • • Industrial or employment law
  • • Work injuries
  • • Transport accident injuries
  • • Injuries on public or private premises
  • • Injuries resulting from medical treatment
  • • Asbestos related injuries
  • • Superannuation & disability insurance claims
  • • Family law
  • • Criminal law matters
  • • Class actions
  • • Commercial law
  • • Wills and estates

please call us on  +61 (3) 9603 3000 or contact us here. Our full website is coming soon. 


We won’t put business first and people second, treat clients as numbers, or use flash-in-the-pan lawyering.

We won’t hire the heartless, pander to the wealthy,
or replace conversations with billable units.

We won’t ignore people’s pain, pretend to be worthy,
or hide behind a hired famous face.

And we won’t judge our clients, chase shiny corporates,
or forget the values that made us want to be lawyers in the first place.

That’s just not what we’re all about.


We will use the law for good, listen until we understand, and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

We will talk with our clients, put values before profit, and continue to care after the case is closed

We will work with empathy, partner with unions and community groups, and use all our resources for all the right reasons.

We will hire for character, prevail where others fail, and walk a mile in our clients’ shoes.

Our story is one of historic achievements; of decades spent advocating for working people.

We fought the Catholic Church over sex abuse,
We fought big tobacco, big pharma and the asbestos industry.
We’ve fought against Government assaults on rights,
and we've fought for injured workers.

Because at Gordon Legal, it’s personal.
It’s personal for Peter Gordon, our founder,
it’s personal for those who work for us,
and it’s personal for those we battle for.


it's personal.

We’re growing and looking for talented people.

We’re proud of the work that we do, and have done.
We’ve always depended on dedicated and talented people.
And we’re looking for more, right now.

If you’ve got the desire to be a part of a progressive, innovative group of people in a vibrant and rewarding environment, please send your resume to Rita Salama rsalama@gordonlegal.com.au