QBE and Lloyds Class Actions

We have already commenced class actions against QBE and certain underwriters at Lloyds regarding their business interruption insurance policies. The class actions are funded by a litigation funder, Omni Bridgeway.

Gordon Legal
OMNI Bridgeway

Omni Bridgeway’s finance and expertise is assisting policyholders to recover their losses under their insurance policies. Each class action is being funded as a registered management investment scheme in accordance with new funded class action regulations introduced by the Australian government in 2020. If you are an eligible affected group member in one of the class actions, you can apply to become a member of the litigation funding scheme and participate in the class action by completing and returning the Application Form which is set out in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). A copy of the PDS for each scheme is available on Omni Bridgeway’s website which can be accessed via Omni Bridgeway’s business interruption insurance class actions page here.

Gordon Legal and Berrill & Watson have issued class actions on behalf of persons who held business interruption insurance with QBE and Lloyds (Jewellery and Gem Merchants).

Omni Bridgeway is presently providing funding for two class actions for policyholder losses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Both cases are being run jointly by Gordon Legal and Berrill & Watson.

Gordon Legal is a leading class action law firm and Berrill & Watson is a specialist insurance law firm. 

Do you have QBE insurance?

If your business is insured by members of the QBE insurance group, please visit our QBE BII page for further details.

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Do you have Lloyds insurance?
(Jewellery and Gem Merchants)

If you are in the jewellery and gem merchant industry and your business is insured by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, please visit our Lloyds (Jewellery and Gem Merchants) BII page for further details.

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All other Insurers


Gordon Legal and Berrill & Watson are also investigating class actions against other insurers.
If you don’t have insurance with QBE or a Lloyds Jeweler and Gem Merchant Policy, there may still be a case so register your details here and we will contact you.

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More detail on the QBE and Lloyds class action can be found here:
Lloyds Business Interruption Class Action
QBE Business Interruption Class Action

If you are unsure about what your product disclosure statement looks like examples are here QBE PolicyLloyds PolicyHollard PolicyCGU Policy

An example of what an insurance policy looks like can be viewed here

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What is a Class Action?

A Class or Group Action is a Court procedure which allows people with similar claims against another party to bring their action in one Court Proceeding rather than requiring them to go to the cost (and take the individual risk) of commencing their own claim.

In Australia, the law provides individual Group or Class members the opportunity to Opt Out of the Proceedings if they do not wish to participate or wish to bring their own individual claim.

The benefit of Class or Group Actions is that it means that claims that would otherwise not be economically viable for a person to bring on their own behalf are able to be gathered together so that the costs and risks can be shared among a larger group of people with similar claims.

What are the risks of participating in a Class Action?

The risks of participating in a Class Action are similar to the risks that any person bringing an individual claim would face, except that the risk of having to pay the other party’s legal costs if the claim is unsuccessful only falls on the Representative Plaintiff or Applicant.

It is important to understand that you do not face the individual risk of an adverse costs order unless you agree to become the Representative Plaintiff or Applicant. If that was the case then your lawyer will discuss those risks with you very carefully before you agreed to act as the Representative Plaintiff or Applicant.

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