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Our law firm is a specialist team of compensation lawyers in Melbourne, Geelong and Dandenong. We have helped and fought for individuals just like you, from all over Victoria, who are in need of legal services relating to their claim for compensation. We offer our expert services on a No Win, No Fee basis which ensures that our commitment to your individual claim remains our top priority. Established in 2009, we are proud to carry a strong tradition of fighting for individual rights in cases of medical negligence, workplace negligence and other claims for personal injury compensation. With us, it’s personal.

Our Services

As compensation lawyers in Melbourne, Geelong and Dandenong our services are available for our clients to access in all kinds of ways. These might include direct representation, assistance with paperwork and where to file your claim forms, dispute resolution and fighting against a decision to reject your claim, or just general legal advice relating to the process and language you have encountered throughout your claim and which may seem a bit daunting, unclear or unfamiliar.

Injury claims come in all shapes and sizes and they are not often straight-forward or easy to understand for the individuals involved. If you have experienced an injury then it is entirely understandable that you may feel vulnerable, distressed and uncertain about how to proceed. When you engage a team of personal injury lawyers like Gordon Legal, our job is firstly, and primarily, to help you understand your legal rights and entitlements relating to the circumstances in which you have received your injury. Often this is the most confusing part of proceeding with your claim and receiving legal clarity from our team of experienced compensation lawyers in Melbourne, Geelong or Dandenong can help you to feel empowered about your recovery and better prepared to proceed with treatment options and the rest you need to recuperate.

How we can help

Medical expenses, transport costs, accommodation costs for support and carers like your family members and close friends – all of these expenses can add up and worrying about whether you can financially support yourself throughout your treatment can both directly and indirectly affect the success of your recovery.

You may be unsure whether your injury qualifies for compensation, which institution or governing body you need to submit a claim to, what sort of time limits apply to your claim, and how to fill in the paperwork. For example, when you sustain an injury in circumstances like vehicle accidents or slips and falls in a public space, it may appear unclear to you who is responsible for helping you to recover and how they are responsible. You may not believe that you correctly followed the process required for reporting your injury or the treatment that you received for it.

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident involving privately owned vehicles, or another type of road accident involving public transport, we can help you to locate the appropriate Victorian government body which will assess and handle your compensation claim. Often this is the TAC and there are time limits and specific guidelines which need to be adhered to for ensuring the best outcome for your claim. Compensation can come in the form of direct payments to you and payment directly to your treatment providers.

If you have sustained injuries or experienced distress relating to a medical procedure, prescribed medicines or treatments, you may be entitled to a claim for compensation against that health care provider. Serious injuries can often be debilitating, and the effort involved in filing for compensation can appear overwhelming, particularly if you are in the process of recovering. Our team of legal professionals possess extensive experience in helping people with serious injuries and understand how to offer the empathy and understanding that you need to proceed with your claim.

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As expert compensation lawyers in Melbourne and Geelong, our legal advice is designed to explain the complexities of the legal process which may relate to your insurance claims, public liability claims, workers compensation and medical negligence claims in a frank and honest way so that you understand how and whether you are prepared to proceed.

The first step in this process is to get in touch our team of compensation lawyers. Our office can be contacted directly by phone on 1300 56 50 16 or you can submit the details of your claim through our website portal and one of our lawyers in Melbourne or Geelong will contact you for further details if they are required. We will offer you our honest legal opinion for your claim for and you can choose to proceed further with us if we believe we can successfully help you, or not. You are under no obligation to accept our services if they are offered to you.

If you are aware of some of your entitlements relating to your personal injury, such as workers compensation payments, and you believe that they have not been made available to you, then we offer services like representation and mediation which will help you fight for your rights and entitlements. Our team includes dedicated WorkCover lawyers with specialist legal skills and experience relating to industrial accidents, industrial negligence and asbestos exposure. We also have highly experienced compensation lawyers who can help you with superannuation claims and entitlements, including superannuation insurance.

We are here to help

If you need to speak to our Compensation Lawyers, contact us anytime.

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